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Neglect: One of the Most Common Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

by Keith Adkins | April 22nd, 2014

It is estimated that roughly one-third of all patients living in long-term care will suffer abuse at the hands of a caregiver this year. Such startling statistics leave many citizens wondering what the most common form of abuse is. The answer may leave them even more stunned.

While the first thing that comes to most minds when the term nursing home abuse is brought up is patients being physically harmed or verbally assaulted, the truth is that some of the most severe cases of abuse involve caregivers simply failing to take the time to do their jobs. This can leave patients alone and neglected for long periods of time, which can lead to serious harm and accidents.

Neglect can lead to immobile patients developing dangerous ulcers and lesions known as bedsores, and could even allow patients who need constant care to wander off on their own.

WBALTV 11 News reported such a case after a caregiver pleaded guilty to failing to give proper care to a 23-year-old disabled patient. A company charged with responsibility for the young man employed the 34-year-old caregiver; however, it was discovered that on June 30, the caregiver had been under the influence of alcohol while driving the patient around town. He then left the patient in a van prior to passing out. The patient then wandered down the street on his own before a passerby stopped to offer assistance.

While no one was harmed in this case, the incident highlights just how quickly things can go wrong when a caregiver is negligent. That’s why the Maryland personal injury lawyers with ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers urge anyone who suspects their loved one is suffering neglect or abuse at the hands of a caregiver to report the incident immediately. Then speak with a qualified attorney regarding your legal options.

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Soldier Ride in Capitol District Raises Awareness of Disabled Veteran Programs

by Keith Adkins | April 15th, 2014

Each day, a growing number of soldiers return home from service overseas suffering from mental and physical conditions that leave them unable to return to work in any capacity. Many of these individuals require rehabilitation and training as part of their recovery, and one organization is working to raise awareness about these two very important Veterans’ Disability Benefits.

The Wounded Warrior Project has scheduled a cycling event around the Capitol district, called Soldier Ride. The even begins April 15 and concludes four days later on Saturday, April 19. During that time, participants will be able to ride courses around Annapolis, Mt. Vernon, and Lorton that range from 17 to 25 miles. NBC-Washington News reports disabled veterans who participate will be outfitted with specialized equipment that will allow them to comfortably enjoy the rides.

The event is being held to raise public awareness about the difficulties disabled veterans face and the importance of cycling as a form of rehabilitation for these individuals.

The Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers with ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers are aware of the need for rehabilitation, training, and other services for returning veterans, and hope the ride will help solidify the importance of these programs in the minds of D.C.’s citizens.

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Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers Sponsor 2014 Virginia Trial Lawyers Convention

by Keith Adkins | April 8th, 2014

Striving to find new and innovative ways to assist clients with their legal needs is key to the success of the Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys with ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers. In order to continue the mission of constantly growing new skill sets, the firm recently sponsored an event that brought trial lawyers from across the state together to discuss and share their experiences in the legal field.

The 2014 Virginia Trial Lawyers Convention took place March 27-29 at the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia. The event played host to dozens of seminars and luncheons covering topics such as insurance law, workers’ compensation, legal ethics, and decisions. Participants also attended several workshops where the information and ideas covered could be put to practice. Attendees were also able to take part in outdoor activities on the resort’s beautiful grounds, including golf and skeet shooting tournaments.

During the convention, a vote was held that named our team member, Attorney David Falcon, as chairman of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association’s (VTLA) workers’ compensation section. David will be serving his second term in the position through 2015. During that time, he will also be a member of the VTLA’s Board of Governors.

The firm would like to congratulate David on his accomplishments and are looking forward to taking part in this exciting and educational event in the future!

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Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers Strive to Better Serve the Community

by Keith Adkins | April 1st, 2014

April 1, 2014

The Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers with ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers are routinely ranked among the top attorneys in the state. The firm believes the reason we stand out above the others is because of the people on our team and their commitment to helping those in need achieve their legal and personal goals.

This commitment was exemplified when three of our team members recently attended a seminar in Nashville, Tennessee, aimed at identifying ways to better serve new and potential clients. The event’s organizers from Intake Academy offered training, tips, and tools our team can use to enhance client services and further demonstrate that, without a doubt, we are Lawyers that Care.

Other ways our team members are helping those in the community is through participation in charitable programs, like Real Women Read, Real Women Talk. One of our attorneys, Jessica Bhagan, recently attended an event at Thomas Johnson Middle School, where she read a poem to a group of young ladies from the school and then discussed its meaning with them. The event is designed to nurture self-esteem and empower the young girls and young women who attend.

The firm’s team is constantly becoming involved in new activities and events that work toward improving the community and offering better services to those in it. That is why we encourage the public to stay up to date on our latest happenings by following us on social media networks and regularly checking the Community section of our website.

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Maryland Senators Pass Jake’s Law to Combat Distracted Driving

by Keith Adkins | March 25th, 2014

March 25, 2014

Most drivers are aware of the serious risks involved with talking or texting on a cellphone while driving. Yet, the number of injuries and fatalities associated with Maryland Distracted Driving Accidents is rising. The Maryland Highway Administration Safety Information Database shows that in 2011 alone, a total of 231 motorists in the state lost their lives and another 29,050 were injured as a result of crashes caused by distracted drivers.

These statistics leave many concerned Maryland citizens wondering what is being done to put a stop to distracted driving in the state. Reports indicate senators just passed Jake’s Law, which would stiffen the penalties against distracted drivers who cause accidents that result in serious injuries or fatalities.

The law is named after Jake Owen; a 5-year-old boy who was killed in a Maryland distracted driving accident in 2011. The legislation states that anyone convicted of causing a serious accident because they were texting on a cellphone will face a minimum three-year prison sentence, along with fines of up to $5,000. The bill was passed unanimously by senators, but may face difficulties in the house of representatives, considering they recently passed their own similar law.

The Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers with ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers are hopeful to see legislation passed that will better protect the public from careless and negligent drivers.

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Ultimate Bootcamp Challenge Sponsored By Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers

by Keith Adkins | March 18th, 2014

March 18, 2014

There are countless health benefits associated with physical fitness, which is why the Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers with ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers are pushing citizens in the community to get active and in shape!

One way the firm is achieving the goal of a healthier Maryland is by sponsoring the upcoming Ultimate Bootcamp Challenge in Edgewater, Maryland. The two-hour event will take place beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 10, at Camp Letts. Participants will work their way through a series of timed fitness stations where different core exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees, will be performed. This allows individuals of all fitness levels to take part at their own pace.

Those who sign up for the session will receive a t-shirt, a beer at the end of the event, and products from sponsors as part of the $49 registration cost. A portion of the proceeds raised through registrations will then be used to benefit the Connected Warrior Foundation, a local nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of wounded veterans.

The team of attorneys at ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers is excited to be a part of the fitness bootcamp and take pride in improving the lives of the citizens in the cities and towns they serve. That’s why the firm asks that you take a look at the other activities and programs they are participating in on the Community Involvement page of their website.


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What is Contributory Negligence?

by admin | March 13th, 2014

ChasenBoscolo attorney Tom Teodori explains how the concept of contributory negligence can affect your ability to collect compensation after a car accident in Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia.

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3 Art Courses Offered in Maryland During Youth Art Month

by Keith Adkins | March 11th, 2014

March 11, 2014

Seeing a child paint, draw, dance, or sing can be a magical moment. To help create more of these special snapshots in time, March has been declared Youth Art Month and the Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers with ChasenBoscolo would like to tell you about opportunities that are available to fuel a child’s creative and artistic drives.

Abrakadoodle is offering an art camp at several locations throughout the next several months. During the event, young artists will be given the opportunity to to participate in experiences that will include making different designs and African mud painting. Registration to take part is limited, so sign up soon if you would like to participate.

Kids ages 4-12 can take part in the Young Rembrandts upcoming course called The Power of Drawing. The class teaches students the fundamentals of drawing, which have been shown to carry over into acceleration in other areas of the classroom.

The Maryland Institute College of Art also has programs available for artists of all ages. Children in grade school are offered events focused on developing artistic skills, while teens and young adults are given opportunities to build their portfolios in preparation of the next move in their artistic career.

ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers believe in helping the children of Maryland and Virginia achieve their goals in life and encourage all young people to get involved with the arts. You can see what else the firm is doing to assist others by visiting the Activity In The Community page of our website.


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Fatal Maryland Athletic Injury Prompts Family’s Lawsuit

by Keith Adkins | March 4th, 2014

March 4, 2014

Several months ago, a settlement was reached in a lawsuit filed against the National Football League (NFL) by a group of former and current players because of damages they suffered after not being warned of the dangers posed by repeat traumatic brain injuries. This settlement shed a great deal of light on a major problem in sports today, and has not only prompted research and reform to safety policy, but has also sparked a growing number of such Athletic Injury lawsuits being filed.

Take, for instance, the Maryland wrongful death lawsuit that was filed after a Frostburg State University football player allegedly died as the result of repeat traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Court documents state the player sustained a blow to the head that resulted in the player being taken from the field and treated for bleeding. He then returned to the field under the approval of coaching and medical staff, but several days later, he went unconscious on the sidelines of the field and died as a result of repeat TBIs.

Reports from The Republic say the victim’s parents filed suit against the school, its coaching and athletics staff, the NCAA, and the maker of the victim’s helmet, claiming their negligence was directly responsible for the player’s death.

The Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers with ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers recognize how difficult the loss of a loved one to an athletic injury can be. That’s why the firm is hopeful a decision in the case that was recently filed brings a sense of closure to the incident for the family of the victim.




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Free Smoke Detectors Available for Prince George’s County Residents

by Keith Adkins | February 25th, 2014

February 25, 2014

Each year, thousands of Maryland families are affected by the devastating results of residential fires. The Maryland Fire and Burn Injury Lawyers with ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers explain that one of the best ways to prevent devastating fires in the home is to have smoke detectors installed.

While having these devices placed in the home may seem like a simple solution for many, the costs of purchasing equipment can be too much for some families in the Maryland area. That is why the Price George’s County chapters of the International Association of Firefighters and Paramedics Association have donated 150 smoke detectors to be distributed to needy homes in the region.

An article from the Greenbelt Patch states the units being handed out are new, tamper-proof, 10-year smoke detectors that feature a hush mode. A new law requiring this type of smoke detector on every floor of the home is set to take effect at the end of the year.

In order to receive one of the free units, call the Safety First Smoke Alarm program at 301-864-SAFE or make an online request at the organization’s website. Those who are interested in donating more smoke alarms to the cause can do so by calling the Public Information Office at 301-883-5222.

The Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers with ChasenBoscolo Injury Lawyers are aware of the dangers fires pose and are hopeful the free smoke detectors help save lives!


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